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There are loads of Queensland RSA courses to choose from, but finding a high quality one at a reasonable price is not so easy.

Your search is over! 

At Jobaroo we have done several courses to find the best one. A course that has great support from trainers (which you need) and fun online training including interactive videos.

The best news, at the time of writing you can get $5 off the normal price for the one we recommend and you can check out one of their cool videos at the same time.

That's Not All

We have 4 Tips (below) that is going to make this course a breeze for you to pass confidently.

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Fast, Inexpensive, Awesome Training

You could waste a lot of time searching for RSA QLD online.

You may have already found that there are courses that vary in price from Free to $85. (Free is a scam by the way)

Crazy Difference in Price!

But there is a good reason. 

Like us, maybe you think "who cares, I just want an RSA at a cheap price."

There are two main problems.

1) We found some training makes it fun and easy to learn the material (by using interactive video, audio and even the way the training works.

2) BEWARE: Support is critical. Being able to get in contact with a trainer when you need it makes a guage difference to being able to do the course reasonably quickly and with least stress.

The great ones do this but as you would expect they probably be the most expensive. Fortunately we found one that is only $44 (with discount).

But don't just take our word for it, check out what other people are saying in their testimonials.

How it Works

  1. RSA training that is approved by the QLD government can be completed online. You can login and off whenever you like and do it all or in sections. There are trainers at hand if you have any questions along the way which is pretty handy.

  2. In QLD you simply print out your RSA certificate and show it to any potential employer or current employer for their records.

  3. You will also need to create a Unique Student Identifier (USI) which you may need to get if you have done training like a first aid certificate, white card or been to Tafe since 2015. 

  4. Once you have completed the training you will have it emailed to you. You can also find you RSA certificate online where you will find instructions. 

4 Tips to Pass

Tip 1. You Can Not Fail! (So Chill)

QLD RSA courses are designed in such a way that there is no Pass/Fail. If you get something wrong, you simply have to do it again. The only time I got into trouble (and had to contact a trainer) was when I was in a rush. Going slow - actually helped get my RSA certificate quicker! 

Tip 2. Forget Searching for Answers Online (Do this instead)

Trying to get the answers is a waste of time because each course is different and the courses are all designed in such a way they give you the answers before.

There is a way to get through the course easier though! Because you now know that all the training is presented in sections and the questions are coming up - simply take notes on what you think they will ask (or even cut and paste relevant info).

Tip 3. Try Not to Get Locked Out (then Dont Worry when You Do LOL)

For Queensland there are five sections with assessments at the end of each. If you get a question wrong three times or more you will need to contact a trainer before you continue. 

Fortunately you are taken back to the relevant information - at the time this may not seem obvious but taking care to carefully go through the information usually means you can see why you got the question wrong and put you back on the right path.

If you do get locked out (I did - twice actually when I didn't follow Tip 1) then do not worry.

Simply contact a trainer and you will be done in no time.

Tip 4. Cheat (or the closest thing to it)

Of course I am kidding, but what if you could get some of the most important questions and answers before you started your training? You can! Right here in the form of a Refesher Course the QLD government has for people who have already done the training. Is it cheating? No. But it could help you. This is not at all necessary.


Is there a Free RSA?

Can you do a RSA for all of Australia?

RSA QLD answers?

When does a QLD RSA expire?

Can you do a refresher course?

Can you do a RSA and RSG at the same time?

Is there a Free RSA?

Free - no. Of course there might be exceptions but if you plan on doing a really cheap RSA, maybe check out the reviews so you can be sure your not purchasing a whole lot of hassle. The one we recommend is only $44 (with discount at time of writing) which is relatively inexpensive and has high training standards and support.

Can you do a RSA for all of Australia?

Doing the RSA for QLD enable you to automatically have a valid RSA for WA, SA, NT, ACT and TAS - most of Australia. If you need VIC or NSW to be added to the list you will need to do additional training which can be bundled to save you money. There is even a "Traveller" course which includes NSW but not VIC becasue that has to be done in a classrom in Victroia.

RSA QLD answers?

The easiest way to get the answers is to do the course because of the the way the courses are structured - with the answers given to you before the questions. Even if you could find them, having all the answers in front of you would not be that helpful and would actually be really frustating unless you had the answers for the exact course you were doing.

When does a QLD RSA expire?

Never! You can do a refresher online and you might want to becasue there is some good info contained in it.

Can you do a refresher course?

There is a free refresher course you can do online, and quite honestly it's is pretty great.

Can you do a RSA and RSG at the same time?

In Queesnland you can do your RSG online and save time and money doing it online. Simply click the links above to get your discount and choose the RSG option with it! 


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