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Your search has ended! If you are anything like us you want to an inexpensive course to pass quickly.

Should be simple, right? But unfortunately it is not that simple because of different costs and the training itself.

At Jobaroo we are on a mission to help you get working ASAP.

To do this, we have done several RSA courses ourselves (and learned a few things) which will save you a lot of time, money and hassle.

That's Not All

Since we have done so many course, we will also show you how you can pass your RSA training easily! Just check out our 3 tips.

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How to Do a (cheap and great) RSA Course

We are all about doing your NSW RSA online. See FAQs for classroom training. 

Here you can get the course we recommend online here – and even get a $5 discount

Alternately you could waste a lot of time searching online. If you do you will find that there are courses that vary in price from $109 to $160. The problem is, you have no way of know if the course is good or bad without doing a bunch and comparing them.

The hard work is done, here are some reviews;

The course we recommend is at the lower end of this price scale but we would recommend them even if they cost more because the quality of the training is very high - which can save you a lot of time and stress.

Why not do a cheaper course?

Unfortunately not all online RSA courses are awesome. While the NSW government aims to keep standards high, the truth is some are way better than others. No different to classroom training.

Passing your RSA can be made much easier by choosing one of the better courses and training organisations. 

The Good Ones Do This

A good course for example has interactive videos, audio and presents the information to help you learn what you need.

They also have great support!

RSA training requires that you contact a trainer if you get a question wrong three times. The idea is that if you are having trouble with a question then a real person is there to help guide you.

In reality, this does not happen very often - (maybe once or twice during your course) but if trainers are not readily available you can end up wasting a lot of time.

Really cheap courses tend to cut corners either on the support you get or the training systems they use to deliver the courses.

The good news is we found a course that is actually inexpensive but it very high quality.

You can get a sample of the video training from the link above to see what I mean. 

How it Works

3 Steps

  1. Sign up and start. (Use the link above and check out the video at the start – it gives you $5 off!) You can sign up and start immediately but at some point you will need to get a USI in Step 2. 

  2. Apply for a Unique Student Identifier (USI) or use the one you may have. Part of the NSW RSA is that you need to get a USI or validate the one you have. If you did any nationally recognised training which could include training at work, a first aid course, a white card, or studied at a TAFE or training organisation in Australia since 2015 you will likely have one. Rather then get another, it is a good idea to retrieve yours so that all your training records are kept together. 
  3. Get your ID card. After completing the course (1) and adding you USI (2) you will be emailed an interim certificate which means you can start work immediately. Congratulations! The interim certificate lasts 90 days and takes 4 weeks to process (so do it soon) or if you don't like carrrying around a physical card you - there is an App for that. See FAQs for more details.

3 Tips to Pass

Tip 1. You Can Not Fail!

Perhaps tip one should be "Just Relax", because the truth is you cannot fail. :-) You only have to complete the course which is made much easier by simply not trying to rush through. The only times I ever had trouble doing my courses was when I was in a hurry. When I slowed down, I actually enjoyed it and got through faster because I didn't get locked out of the course and need to contact a trainer.

Tip 2. Don't Bother Searching for Answers Online (Do this instead)

Even if the answers did exist online for the exact course you are doing (they are all a bit different) - it would actually slow you down to have the answers. You see, the course is structured in such a way that they tell you the answers just before they ask you a question (often multiple choice). This means that just following through the course and answering the questions is usually easier and quicker! That said, what you can do is take notes or screenshots of important information that you think might come up - this can help to speed things up a bit but also helps in your understanding of the information.

Tip 3. Get Your Photo Competency Card Immediately 

Even though you will get an interim certificate for you NSW RSA which enables you to start work we suggest sooner rather than later to apply for a photo competency card. The reason is it takes 4 weeks to get your card if your interim certificate runs out in the meantime - you will be left without a RSA which is meant to be carried on you at all times while you are working.


How do you get your RSA ID?

Is there a free or really cheap RSA NSW Online I can do?

Can you do your RSA in a classroom?

Can YOU do your RSA online? (Technical Requirements)

RSA and RCG Online?

Do you need to renew the NSW RSA?

Can you work in NSW if you have an RSA from another state?

Can you do a bridging course to work in NSW if you have an RSA from another state?

How do you get your RSA ID?

To apply take 100 points of ID (including photo ID) and your Interim RSA Certificate and to your nearest Service NSW service centre. You will not need to pay anything more as the $70 it costs comes out of the RSA course cost. RSA and RCG competency cards are available as digital licences. You can view, show, update and renew your competency card via the Service NSW mobile app. To find out more about digital licences, see Get started with digital licence.

Is there a free or really cheap RSA NSW Online I can do?

Free - no. If you find a really cheap RSA our recommendation is to serch for reviews on that RSA course. Also the one we recommend is only $134 (with discount at time of writing) which is relatively inexpensive and has high training standards and support.

Interestingly $85 of the money you pay to do a course goes to the NSW government for your competency card. 

Can you do your RSA in a classroom?

For some people paying a little more (usually $160) for a classroom RSA in NSW is a preferable option. No worries. There are loads of training courses you can do in a classroom throughout NSW. Here is list supplied by Liquor and Gaming NSW. Sorry we can't recommend one at this point.

Can YOU do your RSA online? (Technical Requirements)

About the only thing you need is a reasonable internet connection because there is some videos. Chrome is also the preferred browser, or you can even use a large screened mobile device like Android or and iPhones or OK. Libraries in Australia all have computers if you need one.


RSA and RCG Online?

No. For now the RCG is only available in classroom format. 

Do you need to renew the NSW RSA?


When it's time to renew your Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) you'll receive a reminder notice by email or SMS.

As part of the renewal process, you'll need to do refresher training, which you can undertake online. When you've completed the training and paid the renewal fee, your new card will be valid for a further 5 years. 

Can you work in NSW if you have an RSA from another state?

No. Unfortunately the NSW RSA has specific requirements. Check out our QLD information or Australia for the other states. However, if you have a NSW RSA since 1st July 2018 you can work in other states (amd territories) that are Nationally accredited which includes WA, QLD, NT, ACT, TAS, SA. 

Can you do a bridging course to work in NSW if you have an RSA from another state?

Yes - if you can find one. Bridging courses do exist but our research suggests they cost about the same as doing the courses from scratch. You might find it easier and more beneficial to do the whole course from scratch.


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