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with 3 Do Not Miss Tips to Pass

There are loads of Aussie RSA courses to choose from, but finding a high quality one at a reasonable price is not so easy.

You are on the right track! 

But wait

Different states require different RSA training but some training allows you to work in most of Australia. We uncover the training you need!

That is not all

Even though you can not fail, you still need to pass. Finding RSA training that is inexpensive but also teaches you some really important information enables you to pass.

Not all training is created equal

We have done the RSA straining for each State that allows online training and found that just like a classroom trainer some training is really awesome and some is S*^!

We set out on a mission to find training that was inexpensive, fun and easy to pass.

To do this we got our RSA certificate multiple times and checked out many more.

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Which RSA Course?

Which Training for Which State

All the States in Australia allow online training for you RSA except Victoria where they do classroom training only.

While each state is different, the training for some States is "Nationally Recognised" which simply means that if you do that training you will also be able to work in other states except maybe NSW and VIC which have some specific needs.

Because each State is at least a little bit different, we will cover them in detail below.

One of the reason we have chosen the recommended provider is that they issue the nationally recognised certificate standard with many of their RSA courses. Then you have training which is valid in QLD, WA, SA, NT, TAS, ACT and is also potentially valid for the Airlines.

How it Works

  1. Simply apply to a good one online (check 3rd party review sites carefully).

  2. All online RSA training in requires that you get a (USI) Unique Student Identifier. If you have done training in Australia since 2015 you may have one already. Some common ways that may mean you have one include, Tafe courses, White Card or First Aid. 

  3. For NSW you will also be issued with a card (see below)

You can start the course immediately, stop and resume whenever you want, the system remembers where you were.

Once completed, a Certificate of Attainment is issued to you by PDF which you can email, print and save.

Why We Recommend Good Training

For years we been on a mission to uncover training that is inexpensive and high quality. Some training unfortunately is not as good as others.

This can be a big problem

RSA courses in Australia are designed to require that you contact a trainer if you get the answer to a question wrong more than 3 times. Good training means that contacting a trainer is relatively easy so that you can continue with the course. Good training also means that the content of the course is presented in a way (like Interactive Video) where getting the correct answer is made easier and you learn more!

We have completed a bunch of RSA courses ourselves and we are happy to recommend training for every State except Victoria, which we will provide links for below so you can find suitable training. 


The NSW RSA is one of the most sought after RSA courses and also contains additional training that is unique to NSW. Check out our RSA NSW page to get more details.

NSW training is about 6-8 hours in length and you need to get a card which is issued by the NSW government. Included in the price is the competency card of which $85 is simply passed on to the government.

You will see NSW RSAs range from $160 to $112.

BEWARE: Cheap Training. Fortunately some training is relatively inexpensive and awesome (see link above) but not all are like that. In fact, there have been Government audits of courses in the past where training is found to be sub-standard and they have been shut down. We think there is a sweet spot where the quality of online training includes great training (to help you pass) like interactive videos and has great support (to contact a trainer) when you need it. 

After completion of the training, you will be issued with an interim certificate which gives you 90 days to organise your card. Don't wait until the last days because it can take 4 weeks to make your card. The idea of the competency card is that you are meant to have it on you at all times you are working. They also have a App for your phone which enables you to access your digital RSA.

NSW RSA training is also now Nationally recognised which means that you don't have to do more training for the other states (except Vic) if you want to work there. You can often also get a nationally recognised statement of attainment which is valid in QLD, WA, SA, NT, ACT & TAS.


The QLD RSA training contains content that is specific to Queensland, but it is Nationally Recognised as well, which means it is valid in WA, SA, NT, ACT & TAS as well. Check out our RSA QLD page to get more details or simply start doing the training we recommend.

QLD training tends to be about 4-6 hours in length, and if you want a refresher (or want to practice) at any time the QLD Government provides this free.

BEWARE: Cheap QLD Training. Fortunately some training is relatively inexpensive and awesome (see link above) but not all are like that. There have been audits of other courses in the past where training is found to be sub-standard and they have been shut down. Apart from interactive video, for training to be first class it needs to be backed up by some good support especially important if you need to contact a trainer (which can and often does happen).


If you would like to work in Victoria you will need to do a course in person when you get to Victoria.

For more information about getting a Victorian RSA Certificate and a list of providers with a handy map (so you can see which training center is closest to you) - Check out the Victorian Commission for Gambling and Liquor Regulation

Other States

Nationally Accredited: Each state has it's own liquor legislation and it's own requirements particular to that State. Fortunately most states are nationally accredited which means you can work in multiple states after you have completed the training for one.

There is often an advantage in choosing the specific training for WA, NT, SA, TAS and ACT as there is specific information covered in the training for that State.

If you choose the training recommended above for QLD, NSW, or Other States you will also be given a nationally recognised statement of attainment issued which is valid in QLD, WA, SA, NT, ACT & TAS.

For more information - Reviews, tips and even answers to the hardest questions check out the best RSA online NSW, QLD, WA, SA, NT and Tas.

3 Tips to Help You Pass

Tip 1. Go Slow to Go Fast

Taking your time is a great way to not get a question wrong three times.

If you do, no sweat - you will need to contact a trainer. Do not stress if this happens to you (it did with me).

The key here is just to minimise this so that you can breeze through. Rushing is a sure way to miss important information and get a question wrong. Go slow and take in what you think will be important and you will go faster.

Tip 2. Eliminate the Ridiculous Ones

You will find a lot of multiple choice answers with usually four answers to choose from. In many cases, you will find that you can remove 2 out of 4 answers pretty easily, making it much easier to work out the correct answer.

Tip 3. Don't Answer the Same Question with the Same Answer (if you got it wrong)

Sounds silly but apparently many people use the same answer more than once - a lot. I think I even did this!

Maybe you are sure you are right?

For whatever reason, this uses up two of your incorrect answers instead of just one and puts you much closer to needing to contact the trainer.

RSA courses are structured in such a way that you can review the content (and see the answers) again before you answer. Take your time. Chances are you missed something important.

Happy Training! 


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